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Bespoke Furniture

From planning an entire environment to designing specific pieces, our consultative approach offers a tailor made solution from inception to completion. Our forward thinking approach to product innovation means accommodating the latest technology with a real understanding of routines and working life.

Farrell bespoke furniture

Functional & Stylish

It consists of small number of ultra functional yet stylish components which can be customised to suit all applications. The wide range of finishes and sizes are designed to suit any interior. This flexible system adapts to meet the ever changin needs of today’s dynamic work process.

Farrell Furniture conference room

Innovative Design

The innovative and adaptive support bracket and multifunctional post make Partners one of the most flexible systems on the market. The post can be extended above the worktop to support screens, tool rails or overhead storage while the cable management system accommodates the most complex of wiring requirements effortlessly. With no dedicated under frames, the Partners system can adapt to different shapes and sizes so it fits any application perfectly.

Farrell bespoke furniture

Creating a flexible work space

The Partners range is ideal for both open plan cellular areas. The shared components can be easily reconfigured when you need to change the office layout and the small number of parts can be replaced or updated individually, reducing the lifetime cost. Lightweight screen tiles provide varying levels of light and privacy. And the furniture can be fitted with either fixed glides or heavy-duty castors for complete mobility.