Farrell’s ambitions with Elements was to create a furniture system that put users, ergonomics, comfort, and healthy working at the fore, whilst responding to today’s new and varied work patterns. Elements is based around a system of aluminium extrusions that combine to allow fixed height, height selectable and full sit-stand options within one desking product. These components allow for the creation of a minimal bench like structure which reduces the number of legs and clutter typically associated with sit-stand desks.

But today work has moved beyond desking and we also wanted to create a whole office product that responded to the changing office landscape and addressed some of the issues around finding privacy and quiet in open-plan offices.

Select / Adjust

Elements fixed desks can be set to the most suitable sitting height for individual users within a 200mm height range, while adjustable options allow user to easily adjust their desk height with the touch of a button.


Sit-stand options allow users to take a break from sitting by switching to a standing position within seconds.


A typical desk job is the everyday norm for most of us, and it means being inactive most of the day. However, neither our bodies nor our physiques are made for this inactivity. Studies show that sedentary behaviour leads to lifestyle related diseases. Using a sit-stand desk can reduce sedentary behaviour significantly, decrease the risk of lifestyle related diseases and increase our daily wellbeing.

New work patterns

With Elements we wanted to create more than a desking system, we wanted to create a whole office product that responded to how people work today, that addressed some of the issues with open- plan offices and enabled new and varied work patterns.

Basecamp sofas are places where people can come to work away from their desks. they combine soft seating with touchdown desks